Ranking algorithm:
  1. Sum how many votes each contestant got for each rank.
  2. If a contestant at the top rank has a majority of votes in the top rank, they win. (I.E. a candidate needs a majority to win first place)
  3. If there is not a majority winner, eliminate the candidate with the least number of votes in the top rank, and for the judges that voted for that voted for that candidate, pull in their choice from the next rank. (I.E. if the votes in Rank 1 are : {A:2,B:2,C:1} eliminate C, and find out who voted for C. take their Rank 2 choice.)
  4. If there is still not a majority winner due to ties, reset the elimination votes, and combine the next lower rank's votes with the top rank (I.E. if the votes in Rank 1 are : {A:3,B:3,C:2}, you eliminate C, and get {A:4,B:4}, reset to {A:3,B:3,C:2} and pull in rank 2.)